Who we are

Interspace Technologies was founded in 1998, and has been proudly serving the Canton/Akron area since its inception. Our goal is to provide quality IT services to the community at an affordable price. Our staff is diverse, with a broad range of skills to meet any of your needs. We are always striving to keep up to date on emerging technologies to ensure our clients get the best of what is available in the market. We here at Interspace understand that communication and friendlieness are a major part of professionalism. You won't see any stuffy uptight IT nerds here, just t-shirts, jeans and a friendly smile. Drive by our storefront and check out our LED sign, we have a habit of putting lighthearted jokes and surprises on there. (We all need to laugh sometimes, right?)


Jose' A. Miranda

I am president of this company. Soon I will have a bio here.

I have many awesome quotes. This is one of them.

Vice President

Tim Gillems

Tim is married with three children and one granddaughter. He stays actively involved in his church as well as the Canton community at large. When not managing the Interspace team, Tim and his wife love to travel the high seas and enjoy the time they get to spend with family and friends.

I began working in management at a young age and soon dreamed of being my own boss. In 1998, Jose' and I co-founded Interspace to fulfill that dream. After 15 years, the dream is still alive and well. I have enjoyed growing Interspace from a two-man team working from Jose's living room to what it is today: a team of over 40 employees working from a 2,300 sq. ft. office. I am proud to be a local businessman providing jobs and quality services to the Canton community!

IT Architect

Jared Clark

Jared has been serving Interspace since 2011, building out infrastructure and serving our business clients. If you are a business in need of IT support, you will likely be dealing with his expertise.

I am the proud father of 2 boys, and have been married to my wife Stacy, for 11 years. In my spare time I have to admit, I am a gamer. When football season rolls around, I am a die hard Browns fan. Believe me, I would have done the website in brown and orange if I thought it would fly!

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